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In Italy with a Ferrari

Discover Italy with Ferrari

Lux Hotels offers you the extravagant service to discover Italy in the most luxurious Style !

The Red Style Tour is an exciting and exclusive journey providing you with an experience unique in Italy and Ferrari.

In the course of the week you will encounter all the best things Italy can offer.... from the charms of ancient Rome and Florence to the fascinating discovery of Assisi, Pienza and Pisa.

All this at the wheel of a Ferrari Red Style. You can choose your favorite car for the 1000 kilometers trip through Tuscany's enchanting towns and serene landscapes. You may change cars if you wish to experience another model during the trip.

In the evening after a round of shopping and sampling some Italian Art accompanied by Red Travel Staff, you will be served a dinner prepared in the best Italian gastronomic tradition before a luxurious stay in a former period Residence.

Don't just dream of the Dolce Vita – come and live it!

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